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Also why would I use Astra as the secondary? How does using multiple accounts work anyway?

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Doesn't it just switch over when it finds a missing article? Others may be better able to clarify on their issues. Astra still operates their own servers their own backbone so it's still very possible that they'll have missing articles that your primary providers won't have.

That makes them a good block to fill missing content with IMO. Also, their retention is pretty good, handy to have if you're trying to pull something older. Depending how you configure things you could have your usenet client try certain providers before other providers. So in the case of Astra you probably don't want to try them first, but you can configure to use them after trying your other providers first.

Sorry for asking so many questions I tested it all out with a new provider and it's gold. So I think some of the confusion may boil down to semantics. Works like a charm, out of 25gb dl second server took a hit of less than 2gb Astra handled the rest beautifully. Yup that should work fine too. Things go much faster when there's less missing articles on your primaries. But otherwise if you're not too worried about speeds then having Astra as a primary won't matter. That makes sense, I kinda figured that is how that would work.

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My speeds did not seem to slow too much when I re-enabled as primary Astra after added the secondary provider. Farm is probably the better deal as its cheaper per GB and since it gets you access to both the XS News and Highwinds backbones. Getting in on a solid indexers, even on limited free accounts, will help also as things do get reposted. I know people like to hate on Astra but we need the diversity in systems and they a quickly becoming one of the rare non-reseller out there so I hope they get on top of their game. XSNews is having a Christmas sale. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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