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Say thanks! Add a Comment Sorry, this thread is closed. Community Wiki Last Edited by kgby13 June 24, at Some stores will require you to join their store member program and you'll have to present the program card before the coupons will doubled.

All coupons between. Meijer - Meijer stores around Louisville, KY double up to 99 cents with a limit of 2 identical coupons. All the other coupons of the same product are at face value. Meijer does occasionally run a triple coupon week for face valued coupons up to 50 cents. In the Northern KY area its double the.

Piggly Wiggly Remke Markets- double up to. Kroger No limit on the number of identical coupons. Manufacturer Coupon: A manufacturer coupon is a coupon for cents-off or dollars off a product, that the customer obtains from newspapers, magazines, direct mailings, etc. It is valid at any Fred's store that the specific item featured on the coupon is sold. A valid coupon will have the product description, cents off amount, expiration date, and an address to send the coupon for redemption.

Fred's Procedures 1. Fred's will only accept manufacturer's coupons that feature items that we carry. No competitor's coupons are to be accepted The item featured on the coupon must be the exact item that we sell, or we do not accept the coupon. The item must be the same brand, style, flavor, scent, size specified by the coupon. Fred's will not accept Internet coupons, whether they are printed in color or black and white.

All valid manufacturer's coupons are accepted at face value at Fred's every day. ONLY 1 coupon per identical item is doubled, per customer, per Saturday 5. No money will be returned for coupons that exceed the price of the product. If doubling the face value of the coupon would exceed the price of the item, the coupon will be accepted a face value.

Tobacco coupons are not doubled regardless of the face value of the coupon. Coupons, which are expired, are not accepted. If the coupon is presented the day it expires, the coupon must be accepted. Coupons, which offer "free" product, and do not require the purchase of additional items, will not be accepted.

If the price of an item is matched with a competitor, then no coupons will be doubled for that particular item.

Kroger Killing Double And Triple Coupons – Consumerist

For example: A customer may purchase 4 tubes of Crest toothpaste, however if they have more than one coupon for the toothpaste, the first coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value. If the customer wishes to purchase more than one flavor of an item and the coupon lists a variety of flavors, only one identical coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value. Grand Union and Shaws' markets double up to. Grand Union no longer takes internet printables. Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users.

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Start with the Sale Ads

Great resource, thank you Selma! Quote from slickdeals: Quote from Maleficent: Quote from Selma: Received so far: Grand Master. Check the Kroger flyer for sales and the weekly ads. Ads vary by region just like the double and triple coupon policy.

How to Coupon at Kroger (The All-You-Need-To-Know Guide!)

Kroger Deals are posted here on MyLitter each Wednesday. By comprising your grocery list mostly with sale items first, you can then use your coupons to save more and fill in any other needs after you save as much as you can for the week. Kroger accepts digital e-coupons from the Kroger. These coupons are manufacturer coupons and do not double or triple.

They also can not be combined with paper manufacturer coupons and are one time use.

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Kroger accepts manufacturer coupons and as stated above, sometimes doubles or triples them. They accept manufacturer coupons from the Sunday inserts, other advertisements and printed from the internet. In areas that double or triple you will want to verify the limits as well. During the mix and match or mega event they offer money back or off instantly when you check out. The majority of the recent sales have been instant savings. For example: Kroger runs and participates in Catalina offers. These are promotions that give you a coupon for savings on your next shopping order when you buy specific items.

You will find similar sales, policies and deals at the Kroger Affiliates listed in the picture below.

How to Coupon at Kroger

Not sure which region you are? Check out the map above. Here in Texas we are Kroger Southwest. Different regions start their sales cycles on different days, ours here are from Wednesday morning until Tuesday night. For the most part we all have the same sales, just different days. Kroger has many different divisions and affiliate stores. The prices might be a little different, but you can get a good idea of the sale that you should have in your area.

20 Shopping Hacks Every Kroger Shopper Needs to Know

These are all the Kroger affiliate stores… depending on where you live, you will have a different store. Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the United States. I had a favorite blog that I followed when I first started couponing. I loved her other deals but I needed someone who had deals for stores in my area.

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